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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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Wolves, Other Weres Romance Books

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Sunny isn’t the shy little shifter she was when she left town. Now back for her high school reunion, her classmates are in for a surprise. There’s a new alpha in town and the claws are out to see who will be top dog! Who’s Your Alpha is the new contemporary romance from author Vicky Burkholder about letting go of the past and finding your future.

As a new Alpha, Bart Cairo has his hands full. His pack is driving him crazy, an old enemy is knocking at the door, and he’s ready to stake his claim on the woman that has been his heart’s desire for years. You’ll love Predator’s Claim, Book 4 of Gemini Island Shifters, author Rosanna Leo’s hot paranormal romance series.

Serena Shay returns with Book Two of her intense paranormal romance series Northwood Jags. The Submission takes you on a journey of discovery as three shifters learn to face their fear of the unknown and open their hearts to love.

The passion they feel may be the distraction that gets them killed! Thrown together by chance, two strong-willed, independent people find themselves in a race against time against a common enemy. The Wolves of Shadow Mountain is an action-packed, sizzling romance from author Gabrielle St. Croix!

Time is running out … for both Lothos and Ethenia. One must find his mate, one is fleeing an enemy determined to destroy her. In Bitter Change, Mara Lee weaves a passionate tale where love becomes the greatest weapon against the darkest evil.

Can a Yankee wolf shifter and Southern belle find love in the midst of the Civil War? Danger approaches from all fronts and not just on the battlefield. A past foe, a captured brother, and an unseen danger converge in A Wolfish Tangle that may cost them all!

As a human living among wolves, Roux has never felt so safe and secure. That is until wolf politics interfere with the peace of the shifter races. Now it’s up to Roux to find a way to end the conflict and save the sanity of the only man she’ll ever love. Will she find the right path before she loses everything she holds dear?

Can Clara Marsterson protect both the men she loves without it costing her everything, including her life? The brother she is trying to shield and the man who sets her heart on fire will discover Clara is stronger than they ever expected. Rediscover the shifters of Hillside and find out if “Wall” has the right kind of talent to capture the heart of the woman he’s marked as his mate.

The world has changed, it's become a dangerous place filled magic and violence. The Others are charged with protecting those few humans who are left. One of those Others is Nicolette Sinclaire Reece, and she will not let a new evil destroy what is left of her city!

A quite lodge in the Cascade Mountains is the perfect place for Dalton Adams to find the peace and quiet he needs to work on his doctorate thesis. Plus, he’ll have the privacy he needs to freely shift from man to wolf. Enter Faye Dillon, his landlady. Unable to fight their instant attraction for each other, both their worlds are about to be turned upside down!

With enough sexual heat to melt the ice caps, Allie Ritch’s Book 2 of the Children of Nanook series is a must read. When a female shifter catches the scent of an irresistible man In Season takes on a whole new meaning!

1st in series - Mating Season

Trouble with a capital “T” is about to send one ex-football player over the edge in Christy Gissendaner’s new addition to the Out of Bounds series. Book 2, will make you laugh, cry, and shake your pom-poms as two exes try to control the sparks between them. Find out what happens when a sexy werebear ends up in Some Kind of Trouble!

1st in series - A Touch of Sin

Four authors. Four short stories. Four explosive reads filled with hot alpha males and the women, or men, who love them. From seduction to mating season and unending lust to carnal prowess these hot, sexy couples struggle to overcome the odds and find love everlasting! This short story collection is destined to be a treasured addition to your romance library.

Keeping secrets is Miranda’s job. The biggest of which is the fact that she’s not entirely human. But being a wolf shifter comes in handy when you’re an agent for The Company. Secrets, danger, and international intrigue will keep you turning the pages of Ann Gimpel’s hot, new romance, Miranda’s Mate.

Alice has given up trying to find a man, that is, until she meets wolf shifter Jed. As desire burns between them, Alice is surprised to discover her life has changed forever. But not as surprised as when she learns she is also the bonded mate of two of Jed’s pack mates! The pages ignite with passion in Book 1 of Ann Gimpel’s hot, new paranormal series, Wolf Clan Shifters.

An icy road, a wounded wolf, and a haunting lover she only meets in her dreams all weave together to thaw Lillian’s frozen heart. Sofia Grey knits an exciting, spicy tale of love and passion in Book 1 of the Snowdonia Wolves.

Four authors. Four short stories. Four tantalizing tales filled with hot alpha males and the women who love them. From family secrets and mysterious strangers to passions unleashed, these hot, sexy couples struggle to overcome the odds and find love everlasting! Volume 2 of Those Sexy Shifters is sure to become a treasured addition to your romance library.

It’s hard to know who to trust as secrets and life-threatening danger stalk Max and Audrey through the pages of Wolf Born, Book 2 of Underground Heat. In a world where shifters keep their friends close and their enemies closer, passion flares hot and sweet. You won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough in this sizzling, suspenseful romance from author Ann Gimpel.

Jane Applebottom’s quiet life is suddenly turned upside down as she finds herself fleeing for her life with, of all things, a werewolf! Emma Sinclair takes you on a wild adventure as Jane and her new love join forces with his brother and a beautiful vampire to learn who is out to get them before it’s too late!

Re-Release – McCallan’s Blood (Lynn Lorenz) ©2009

A killer determined to end a life. A werewolf determined to protect his mate. A woman caught in the middle. Theodora Lane weaves a thrilling tale of lust, betrayal, disgrace, and undying love in McCallan’s Blood. Delve into a world of brothers divided and learn the secrets of The McCallan Legacy.

On the run from blood-crazed cult members, Noreen accepts the protection of wolf shifters Les and Karl. When the mate bond spins its magic, the three will discover passion beyond their wildest dreams. With danger waiting to ensnare them all, Noreen will risk everything for the men she loves. Ann Gimpel presents the next exciting chapter of her Wolf Clan Shifters series, Noreen’s Choice.

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