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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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Vampires Romance Books

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Never talk to strangers. Lily White should have remembered this childhood lesson. Now she’s a vampire, thrust into a paranormal world she never knew existed and trying to learn the ropes of her new, undead life. Sink your fangs into Sweet Cravings, the new romance from author Elisabeth Morgan Popolow.

Some secrets should never see the light of day! Calli just wants to find her place within the Order of the Seralin. Her quest will take her where she should never have gone. Danielle Devon weaves a suspenseful tale in her paranormal romance, Forsaken.

From sex clubs to botanical gardens, romance explodes when a typical college student meets a hot, sexy vampire. Torn between fear and desire, Lila will discover life is a lot more interesting when you’re dating a vampire, and a lot more dangerous!

For centuries, Kelsey has been a loyal member of The Alliance, the elite police force of vampires and demons tasked with keeping order in the world of the immortals. Now on the run for her life, accused of crimes she doesn’t remember committing, Kelsey must clear her name while she eludes Domiel, the demon sent to bring her back. But what she finds in his dreams may just have her running into his arms and into even greater danger.

She really should keep her mind on business. As an ex-vampire, she’s the perfect one to investigate strange happenings within the vampire world, and right now she’s supposed to be investigating the trail of bodies left behind by a rogue band of vampires. If she could keep her mind on business, rather than the perfect body of sexy bartender Garrett Reynolds, she just might live long enough to have her way with him.

Searching for her missing friend, Celtic history professor Rhiannon Connelly heads to Scotland, where she finds more than she expected. A secluded village, a tall, dark, and handsome stranger, a pack of werewolves, and a secret that could destroy them all … life is very complicated beneath the blood moon!

It was supposed to be a simple inspection tour. But one jailbreak later, Lucy finds herself rescued by and on the run with an escaped vampire. Chased by ruthless vampire hunters, they must learn to work together if they want to survive long enough to reach the safety of the free vampire population.

Her gift of second sight has enabled her to successfully aid the Phoenix Police Department in a number of investigations. Why wasn’t she warned of her own future? Now she’s facing danger on all sides . . . not least of which is her growing desire for the man who has sworn to protect her.

She’s learning to trust, he’s discovering passions he never knew he had. She’s a human seeking help for her vampire friends. He’s the alpha male of the local pack, the only one who can give her the help she needs. Even though hatred and fear have ruled the relationship between vampire and werewolf for generations, an uneasy truce is reached. But danger and treachery await them under the light of the silver moon.

Tina’s life is about to be turned upside down. A rogue vampire is out to get her and her only hope of survival lies with hunky, Harley-riding Alex. But, before he can save her, he’ll have to tell the woman he’s come to love that he’s a vampire too!

Demons, vampires, angels, giants, and even a genie – everyone wants a piece of the hybrid misfit! A government experiment took her humanity, but not her right to live. Come and get her if you dare. With the help of her two lovers, she’ll change the world.

A human host, an immortal wolf-demon, and a sealing spell that is getting weaker every day. On the run from a deranged scientist who wants the stranger within her, Kat Hanson finds protection from an unexpected source. Now she just needs to learn to trust him and learn to control her new power.

The Blood Countess’ word is law, you’ll do it her way or die. Vampires, humans, and a world on the verge of war. Everyone will do their part. You’ll either fight in the battles to come, or you’ll be dinner for the troops. The choice is yours.

Annaleigh Savage has run from the prophecy all her life. Now time has run out and she’ll be forced to accept the life she was born to. What happens when the Blood Princess refuses to take her throne? Can there be a winner in a battle between destiny and desire?

You’ve probably had to deal with a bad relationship a time or two in your life, but when you’re a vampire, the problems can be insurmountable! Humans want to destroy you and fellow vampires want to control you. Either way, dating can be deadly!

Christine is having a bad day. She’s just learned she belongs to a family of vampires … hunted vampires. When she finds herself falling in love with the vampire mercenary sent to hunt down and kill her family, things go from bad to worse. Heaven Sent is Dawn McClure’s hot paranormal romance of secrets, betrayal, and eternal love.

Diamond and Shade – both vampire hunters, both tracking the same villain, both looking for a way to defeat the evil that threatens New York. Thrown together out of necessity, neither expected the passion that flares between them. D.J. Manly weaves a suspenseful tale in her edgy romance novel, Diamond In the Shade.

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