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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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Uniformed Heroes Romance Books

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She’s haunted by nightmares of her kidnapping. He’s haunted by memories of war. Together they may find the answers to healing their hearts and their minds … if they can survive the danger stalking them. Denise A. Agnew pens a suspenseful, passionate tale in Before There Was You.

He’s a man with no name … living in the shadows protecting the country he loves. She’s a woman with a past … a well-hidden past she will protect at all costs. Their worlds are about to collide in Dance With Me, Book 3 of Kristin Leigh’s passionate, contemporary romance series, Wounded Warrior.

Guilt and anger have kept them apart for years. Now, a love that never died has a chance to burn bright once more. But war-ravaged London brings a new kind of danger, and their rekindled romance is in danger of going up in flames with the city around them. Denise A. Agnew tells a heart-warming tale of hope and courage in her new romance novel, One London Night.

He walked away years ago, leaving her to raise their daughter alone. But now, he’s lost everything … except hope. Will she find it in her heart to give him one more chance? This Time is Kristin Leigh’s touching new romance, a welcome addition to her Wounded Warriors series.

A woman lost, the spec ops soldier who saves her, and a madman bent on revenge. Passion and suspense fill the pages of Retribution, Book 2 of Lea Griffith’s series The GenTech Chronicles. You won’t be able to stop reading as you race to the ultimate showdown with unimaginable evil.

When an amazing man enters her life, shy, insecure Callie finds sizzling passion and unexpected love. But falling in love with a man whose life is filled with danger can lead to tragedy. Is heartbreak lurking in the shadows? It’s Like That, Book 1 of the Wounded Warrior series, is the hot, new romance from author Kristin Leigh and will be a welcome addition to your romance library.

Mix a strong-minded painting contractor with a once-burned, divorced fire inspector searching for a determined arsonist and … what do you get? Instant combustion and lots of sexy, incendiary heat! The pages ignite with passion in KS Anderson’s latest romance, A Forever Kind of Love.

With a man’s name and a bad-ass attitude, will Bill prove to be far more than Special Forces Operative Michael Marsden was looking for? Sparks fly and romance ignites in Bad Girl Bill, Book 2 of the Atlantic Divide series from Diane Saxon.

1st in series - Loving Lydia

Find out what happens when a career-driven, cocky Navy SEAL meets an old-fashioned good girl looking for love in all the wrong places. Intrigue, kidnapping, and danger await you in Layne Macadam’s explosive tale of desire unleashed.

Take one man. Add in annoying charm and sexy good looks. Toss back a few too many drinks and Ronnie may find her moral compass spinning out of control.

1st Book in Series - Lucky Enough

When your heart has been broken and you've been told you're a magnet for cheating men, it's time to take a stand . . . a one night stand that is! No relationship worries, no broken promises, no chance of getting hurt, just good old fashion sex! Well, that was Amanda's plan until a hotter than the Texas sun, ex-military sniper walks through the door and all bets are off.

An experiment gone wrong. Biologically enhanced strength and senses. An out of control temper. Jaxon Wentworth’s only hope is Dr. Celise Belderon. She needs to find a cure before Jaxon is way out of control?

Heart burned by her cheating ex-fiancé, Juliet is determined to hate all firefighters. But her new boarder, smoking hot fire captain, Shane Gaskill, has her rethinking her decision. Will Shane’s tenderness and their sexual chemistry be enough to keep her heart from going up in flames … again.

Watch the sparks fly and passion ignite. When Sophie gets an unexpected glimpse of the man Tyler could be, she gives him the chance he’s been seeking. More than fireworks will explode on this Fourth of July!

Six months of desire explodes in one wildly passionate night! Now they have to find a way to get over the issues of the past to find the path to their future. Irish Kiss is Book 1 of Christa Paige’s suspenseful romance series, Kissin’ Cops.

If at first you don’t succeed … the old adage seems to apply to Karen and Jake’s relationship all too well. Old wounds, new problems … some relationships are more trouble than they’re worth. But if Karen and Jake are willing to try, try, and try again, maybe this time they’ll find the love that lasts. Hot from Scandal by author Erin Katz is filled with passion with a capital P!

Men in uniform … yum! You’ll love these three sexy stories of gorgeous men in uniform and the women that just can’t resist them. Operation: Love is the perfect addition to your romance library.

It started out as a game … but Stephanie decides to play for keeps. The Kissing Game is a hot and sexy contemporary romance from author Deanna Lee.

Emma Bruce weaves a suspenseful tale in Our Life of Love. When a child becomes a murderer’s target, it’s up to detective Jace Brooks to protect her. But who is going to protect Jace from the intense passion he is beginning to feel for the child’s mother? As the murderer moves to strike, it’s up to Jace to do whatever it takes to save these two people who have come to mean more to him than life itself.

Going home isn’t always easy. Aidan left with no explanation thirteen years ago. That’s something Ethan hasn’t forgotten, and won’t easily forgive. Aidan has his work cut out for him, but everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t they?

With an arsonist on the loose, Jack and Autumn will have to put their blossoming relationship on the back burner … if they can! The pages ignite with passion in Denise A. Agnew’s hot, hot, hot contemporary suspense romance, Combustion.

Working undercover for the FBI has taken its toll on Mace Walker. Colby Parks has fled an abusive relationship. Both just want some peace and quiet. Finding themselves unexpectedly sharing a home is not the worst of their problems, as they’re about to find out when the past intrudes on their present.

Evan and Lillian have learned the harsh lessons of life all too well. Neither is willing to let go of the past … until disaster strikes again. Now they must decide whether to let the past rule their lives, or learn to live … and love again. Denise A. Agnew presents Meltdown, a welcome addition to your contemporary romance library.

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