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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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Submission Calls for Liquid Silver Books
Send your submission to subs@liquidsilverbooks.com

    Dark and Steamy Night
    Word Count: 25-35K | Genre: All | Heat: 2 or 3 | Deadline: July 1, 2014

    Liquid Silver Books is seeking submissions to be published in time for Halloween 2014. We want to spice up our readers’ All Hallows Eve with lush, creepily atmospheric romances. From the swamps of the Deep South to abandoned estates in New England to ghost towns in the Old West, give our readers a creeptastic romance they’ll rave about for the next 364 days—then re-read next Halloween.

    The Great Outdoors
    Minimum Word Count: 24K

    Liquid Silver Books is looking for stories featuring protagonists whose jobs keep them out in the lonely outdoors usually alone or with just a few co-workers or a small crew. These can be first love or second chance stories.

    We’re looking for a main character who works as a ranch hand, cowboy, lumberjack, park ranger, Mountie, lineman for a power company, semi trucker for outlying communities, terra former on a remote planet, etc. People who drive/ride into the wilds to work covering lonely stretches of road/ground in front of them. We want stories showing us how they meet the love of their life or mate, and how they integrate them into their lives when they may be gone for days, weeks, or months at a time. Do they take them with them and have sex in some wonderful outdoor places? Do they leave them at home and when they get back, they don’t “come up for air” for days at a time?

    Big Beautiful Women in Love
    Minimum Word Count: 24K

    Liquid Silver Books is looking for stories featuring big beautiful women and the men who love them. Is the heroine of your romance at least a size 14? Is she someone with a few self-doubts or a few self-image issues who finds, and is ultimately adored by, a wonderful male?

    Sexy, Sinful & All Grown-up
    Minimum Word Count: 24K

    Liquid Silver Books is looking for stories featuring protagonists who are 35+ years old. We want to offer stories about finding love after 35. These can be first love or second chance stories.

    Have your central characters spent most of the time getting their career started or business off the ground before deciding they need to ‘get a life’? Was one or more of them a ‘wild child’ or out ‘sowing their oats’ and has decided it is finally time to grow up? Did it take a while to get over that nasty divorce? Or has it just taken this long to find their mate?

    I Need a Hero
    Minimum Word Count: 15K

    Liquid Silver Books is looking for stories that feature heroes. Whether these heroes are on the nightly news, or unnoticed, or hidden as they go about their work, they all deserve that one person who’s not only their perfect partner, but who also brings them a very special “happily ever after.”

    These stories’ protagonists must be strong and capable, but should not be perfect – they should feel real, complex, with normal faults and problems, and they should learn important lessons about themselves as they fight to overcome the odds. There can be strong secondary characters, but the building relationship between the protagonists while they battle an intense and gripping conflict or villain must be the main thrust of the story.

    Silver Slippers
    Minimum Word Count: 15K

    Silver Slippers are fantasies spun from the fairy tales we heard at our parents' knee. Elves, goblins, Princes, Princesses, evil Kings and Queens, giants, gnomes, Fairy Godmothers…

    Have your own spin on one of the Fairy Tale Classics? A naughty stepsister trying to steal your prince? A seamstress who has a one-night stand with a nameless stranger? Perhaps a meddling Godmother determined to help you find a mate?

    We're looking for tales that make you laugh, make you sigh, and best of all, make you hot!

The fine print stuff:
  • Heat Levels: All
  • Relationships: All (M/F, M/M, F/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, F/M/F, F/F/M, M/F/M/M, etc.)
  • Your story must be strong and compelling, linking everything together, not just a series of sex scenes.
  • Your story must meet or exceed minimum word counts.
  • Your story can take place in any time – past, present, or future.
  • Your story can be any romance genre or sub-genre.
  • Your story must end with a HEA (Happily Ever After) or HFN (Happy For Now).
  • Your story can be a single title or the beginning of a series.