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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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Shifters Romance Books

This category contains 92 products.
Rich and powerful Jameson Ward thinks he’s finally met a woman he can settle down with. But suspicion, sabotage, and secrets threaten to destroy their relationship before it has a chance to get off the ground. Anson Barber presents her suspenseful new paranormal romance, Into Thin Air.

Never talk to strangers. Lily White should have remembered this childhood lesson. Now she’s a vampire, thrust into a paranormal world she never knew existed and trying to learn the ropes of her new, undead life. Sink your fangs into Sweet Cravings, the new romance from author Elisabeth Morgan Popolow.

Sunny isn’t the shy little shifter she was when she left town. Now back for her high school reunion, her classmates are in for a surprise. There’s a new alpha in town and the claws are out to see who will be top dog! Who’s Your Alpha is the new contemporary romance from author Vicky Burkholder about letting go of the past and finding your future.

As a new Alpha, Bart Cairo has his hands full. His pack is driving him crazy, an old enemy is knocking at the door, and he’s ready to stake his claim on the woman that has been his heart’s desire for years. You’ll love Predator’s Claim, Book 4 of Gemini Island Shifters, author Rosanna Leo’s hot paranormal romance series.

Serena Shay returns with Book Two of her intense paranormal romance series Northwood Jags. The Submission takes you on a journey of discovery as three shifters learn to face their fear of the unknown and open their hearts to love.

A tiger shifter searching for a safe place to hide. A lynx shifter trying to prove herself. Neither expecting the desire that flares between them … nor the danger stalking them. Suspense and passion fill the pages of Predator’s Refuge, Book 3 of Rosanna Leo’s thrilling romance series, Gemini Island Shifters.

The passion they feel may be the distraction that gets them killed! Thrown together by chance, two strong-willed, independent people find themselves in a race against time against a common enemy. The Wolves of Shadow Mountain is an action-packed, sizzling romance from author Gabrielle St. Croix!

Bound through time by a mystical thread, Marian Wines is about to enter the magical world of The Orca King. You’ll be caught in the web as Darragha Foster weaves her enchanting tale of finding true love.

A business trip to China. A fight for their lives. Will Angelique and David become pawns in a werewolf war or does fate have something else in store?

Can a Yankee wolf shifter and Southern belle find love in the midst of the Civil War? Danger approaches from all fronts and not just on the battlefield. A past foe, a captured brother, and an unseen danger converge in A Wolfish Tangle that may cost them all!

As a human living among wolves, Roux has never felt so safe and secure. That is until wolf politics interfere with the peace of the shifter races. Now it’s up to Roux to find a way to end the conflict and save the sanity of the only man she’ll ever love. Will she find the right path before she loses everything she holds dear?

Fleeing the physical and mental pain inflicted by her brutal ex-husband, Selene hopes to find sanctuary in Moonrise, Ohio. But how much safety is there when you find yourself in a town full of werewolves? As evil pursues, Selene’s passions ignite when she meets two shifters who want only to protect her.

Online dating bites the big one! So does being dumped by your fiancé of seven years! What doesn't bite is that hottie sitting across the crowded restaurant . . . or maybe he does!

When legends come to life, the fur flies! Stalked across the frozen tundra of an arctic planet, Shila seeks shelter with the one man who just might be able to protect her, and her secret. But first they have to survive the brutal winter, as well as the brutal hunters hot on her trail. Koll gets more than he bargained for during this year’s mating season.

Brand has waited seven years to claim Elsa as his mate and he will wait no longer. Elsa is glad to see the last of her ex-fiancé and willingly chooses Brand. But his is a world she doesn’t understand. Will loving Brand be enough, or will his world destroy their bond forever?

Can Clara Marsterson protect both the men she loves without it costing her everything, including her life? The brother she is trying to shield and the man who sets her heart on fire will discover Clara is stronger than they ever expected. Rediscover the shifters of Hillside and find out if “Wall” has the right kind of talent to capture the heart of the woman he’s marked as his mate.

The world has changed, it's become a dangerous place filled magic and violence. The Others are charged with protecting those few humans who are left. One of those Others is Nicolette Sinclaire Reece, and she will not let a new evil destroy what is left of her city!

When Dirk started his online dating service for male werewolves, he never dreamed he’d find his own mate. But when his new assistant walks in the door, he realizes he’s met the woman of his dreams. Now all he has to do is convince her she feels the same passion for him!

“Forever” and “woman” are two words Adrian never used in the same sentence. He’s perfectly happy with his solitary life. Jessica is searching for answers, both in her professional and private lives. Thrown together out of necessity, neither one of them expected to be captivated!

Dolf has always known that Maggie is his mate. Now he just has to convince her! Dolf has his work cut out for him. Maggie is still suffering from the trauma of being kidnapped and wants nothing to do with Dolf, and the wolf that is threatening her life is still at large. Bringing a renegade wolf to justice will be easier than taming her heart.

Fairytales aren’t real. At least that’s what Carson Hoode believes, until he’s lost in the Wisconsin woods. Now he’s running with wolf-shifter Riley, trying to elude a backwoods hunter looking for more than just the local wildlife.

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