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Mima Romance Books
Mima is the author of over 20 romances. Her specialty is powerful women and the men who aren't afraid to love them. She has won an EPPIE and achieved Topseller status on 2 of her Bonded fantasies. When not collecting passport stamps, she serves as string partner to two cats in NY.

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Familiar fairy tales take off for the stars! You’ll be caught up in these retold tales and swept away to alien worlds where beauty is still only skin deep and the right name can set you free. Curses and exotic aliens, passion, love, and lust, these tales have it all.

She learned to survive without him. Now he’s back and she has a fateful choice to make – forgive or move on with her life alone. Wild Within is the passionate addition to Mima’s A Bonded Fantasy series. You won't be able to stop reading this hot, sexy romance.

A dominant man, a shattered woman, guilt, and fear. Their very sanity is at stake. Will their burning passion be enough to conquer the evil that threatens their lives? Spirit Within is the latest addition to Mima’s intense, edgy series, A Bonded Fantasy.

As a lone alpha at war with his inner self, Burke knows he should just stay away from Nomi. But when she takes steps to change their friendship to something more, the battle is lost. Mima spins a passionate tale in Book 5 of her A Bonded Fantasy series. Honor Within is an intense romance you won’t be able to put down!

A government agent on a mission, not one, but two sexy outlaws, a riotous bar fight, and a battle with deadly aliens. This book has it all, including passion-filled embraces and lusty interludes. Mima and Bonnie Dee bring you love and adventure among the stars in their intense, edgy romance, Mirror Image.

Alone, banished, and with a child to raise, Amaya has found a way to survive. She never dared to dream of more. Now she has a chance at a better life, but at what cost? Within Reach is the intense, edgy addition to Mima’s sexy series, A Bonded Fantasy.

The plan was to just walk away. He wants vengeance, she wants to save her kingdom. Bonding will give them both what they want. But nothing ever goes according to plan. He’s ready to leave, she’s determined to keep him!

Join Isabo as she learns that her first choice may not have been the right choice. Widowed too soon, Isabo turns to Trey for solace. But, being with Trey means being with Niko too. Passion ignites the pages of this tale of living, loving, and second chances.

Freezha has a lot to learn from Vyur, and he’s more than willing to teach her. Mima brings you Book 1 in her intense new series A Bonded Fantasy. Passion ignites the pages of the Beast Within as Freezha learns that sometimes getting everything you want may be more than you can handle!

In Book 3 of A Bonded Fantasy, Alpha Within, Mima weaves a tale of two people meant for each other. But first they must overcome their guilt and shame and rise above the past to meet their future. Only by working together will they be able to claim their destiny.

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