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Mara Lee Romance Books
I became fascinated with fantasy at the age of eight, when my mother bought me a copy of ‘The Hobbit’. At the age of twelve I discovered my grandmother’s stash of romance novels, hidden of course, in her closet. I devoured them. To this day I keep my love of fantasy, vampires and romance. What’s more, I have learned to meld the genres to create, for myself, the perfect environment to pen my erotic romance novels. I live, quite simply, for love, lust and the complex nature of the human heart.

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Mara Lee has penned a thrilling tale of magic, danger, and a contest of wills in Book 2 of her Nikki Reece series, Sin Crossed. From a love triangle to shape-shifters out of control things take a turn for the worse and Nikki is determined she will not break first! Come along for a thrilling read and embrace a heroine strong enough to take control and beat the odds!

Annaleigh Savage has run from the prophecy all her life. Now time has run out and she’ll be forced to accept the life she was born to. What happens when the Blood Princess refuses to take her throne? Can there be a winner in a battle between destiny and desire?

Time is running out … for both Lothos and Ethenia. One must find his mate, one is fleeing an enemy determined to destroy her. In Bitter Change, Mara Lee weaves a passionate tale where love becomes the greatest weapon against the darkest evil.

The world has changed, it's become a dangerous place, filled with magic and violence. The Others are charged with protecting those few humans who are left. One of those Others is Nicolette Sinclaire Reece, and she will not let a new evil destroy what is left of her city!

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