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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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Magic, Witches, Wizardry Romance Books

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Re-Release (Liquid Silver Books – Edge of Night Anthology – 2007)

In a world of dark secrets, is love enough to conquer all? A shadow man. A woman on the run. Two lonely people brought together by circumstances beyond their control. Rae Morgan’s paranormal romance Evanescence takes you on a suspenseful journey into a mysterious world.

The last person Alaina wants to ask for help is Isaac. The emotions of the past are just too painful. The last person Isaac wants to see again is Alaina. She reminds him of a past he wants only to forget. But when the balance between good and evil is threatened, it’s up to Alaina and Isaac to find a way to work together to defeat the threat. Victoria Smith weaves a haunting tale in For the Love of Isaac, her hot new paranormal romance.

A love potion gives Lucy Kaplan the edge she needs to rediscover her long-buried desires. But the change is more than she bargained for. Now she has to rely on more than magic to help her find her happy ending. Let the passion carry you away in Erin Katz’s paranormal romance, Love Potion Number Sixty-Nine.

What's a girl to do when wild visions make her an outcast? Party, of course! Or maybe, with the help of a scarred stranger, she can find her place in a world full of demons, nightmares, and magic. Then again, maybe not!

The world has changed, it's become a dangerous place filled magic and violence. The Others are charged with protecting those few humans who are left. One of those Others is Nicolette Sinclaire Reece, and she will not let a new evil destroy what is left of her city!

Ghosts abound in Victorian England, and Eliza sees them all! For years she’s successfully ignored her “gift”, but now she’ll need to use all her abilities to save the man who has awakened a passion deep within her cold heart … before vengeful spirits drive him completely mad.

Prudence has managed to survive the last three years without her brutish husband, thank you very much! Now he’s back and being suspiciously kind. Where’s he been? What’s he been doing? Can he be trusted? The answers to these questions may very well save her life!

Destiny, hope, and love. Can anything survive the rising darkness? Someone must make the ultimate sacrifice, or their home will be sent to the deepest realms of hell. A magical return is the only hope, but will it be in time to save them all?

Kristabelle St. Lucus will do whatever it takes to keep her family from being burned as witches. Even though her conscience is tortured by the tasks she must perform, perform them she does. Darius Castillo has watched her suffer from afar. Now he’s on a mission to find the answers that will save her family and set Kristabelle free!

A wicked stepsister, a fairy godmother, and a prince looking for a wife. Sound familiar? Step into the pages of this sexy fairy tale, where you’ll be swept away by this seductive story of love, lust, and getting your just desserts!

The Coven of the Wolf is back! Witches, shifters, the summer solstice, and an evil force rising. Not your typical southern Indiana town! Now Sheriff Ty Buchanan and Brenna Lindsay must find a way to stop this malignant shadow before death separates them forever.

Only one night to spend with the perfect lover. No way! She conjured him once, there must be a way to conjure him again!

J. Hali Steele spins a tale of curses, revenge, and uncontrollable desire. Join Etah Dane as she escapes her stone prison and sets out on a journey of vengeance. Fueled by rage and sexual desire, Etah’s needs threaten to destroy everyone and everything in her path!

Trapped by a curse, Erac Dane has been stone cold and stone hard for twenty-five years. Erac has had to watch silently as other men pleasure the woman he desires, but no longer. With twenty-five years of frustration burning through him, Erac is going to finally have the woman he wants, and nothing and no one is going to stop him!

A legendary stone, an irreversible curse, and two lives on the line. Amanda Steiger weaves a magical tale of trust and new-found love. Come along on the journey with Wendy and Zander as they search for the answer that will save both their lives.

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