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Gods, Goddesses Romance Books

This category contains 27 products.
A Selkie’s Magic, Book 1 in the new fantasy series The Selkies Heart by romance author Lana Lea Short. This thrilling tale of intrigue, passion, myths, and legends will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens when a sexy surfer from California meets a Selkie prince.

Welcome back to Hollywood, land of dreams, intrigue, and stalkers. Join the cast and crew of Hollywood to Olympus as the passion heats up…on screen and off in It Girl from romance author Elle Rush, Book 4 in her contemporary, romantic comedy series. This spicy, multi-cultural romance is a sure hit and a great addition to your romance library.

Judah El-Bara wants to do what’s right for family and faith. But, this means being the sacrificial bridegroom to the Harvest Goddess, and Judah can never love a woman. The passion in Judah’s heart burns only for one man. What will happen if Judah follows his heart? Will the Harvest Goddess take her revenge, or will love be the path that changes tradition? Author Darragha Foster spins a magical tale in Harvest of Change, a welcome addition to your romance library.

Uriel sealed his fate in a single moment of weakness … the world as he knows it is over. Then he meets Molly … can another single moment change everything again? H.E. McVay presents Angel’s Fall, Book 4 of her hot fantasy romance series, Predator.

Be careful what you wish for is an adage Bran Lawson knows all too well. When he finds the one woman he knows he can’t live without, he does the unthinkable to keep her … he makes a wish for her love. But the gods are capricious, and wishing for her love may just lead to their destruction. Druid’s Wish is the next chapter of Emma Weylin’s magical romance series Love Cursed.

A cursed Viking must lose his heart or lose his soul in a thousand-year-old game started by the Norse gods. As passion sparks and love blooms, the gods decide to change the rules. Book 1 in Emma Weylin’s Love Cursed series is a red-hot romance that will leave you spellbound

You may have to rethink your definition of sin when you meet the hot, hunky god of music and wisdom in a wildly entertaining romance novel sure to become a favorite. Danger, passion, and yes, sin await you in A Touch of Sin.

A woman on the run, a monster on the hunt, a man with many secrets … their paths are about to cross! Irene Chandler takes you on a journey to a beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous world in her passion-filled romance, The Shining One.

The battle between Heaven and Hell rages on. And now Darius, the most naïve angel ever to fall from grace, is caught in the middle. Reduced to seeking advice from angel turned demon, Tribal, Darius’ only hope is to seduce the demon hunter searching for him. But just how is he supposed to accomplish this when he doesn’t know the first thing about sex and seduction?

The last thing Kit expected to find on the archeological expedition deep in the Guatemalan jungle is the man who’s been haunting his dreams. Who is this man that arouses feelings that he doesn’t understand? As an immortal Mayan god, Ah-Tabai is bound to the city he has sworn to protect. Who is this mysterious man that has invaded his home . . . and his heart?

Alive with all the passion of the Viking Age, this tale is a seductive clash between tradition, duty, honor, blossoming faith, and enduring love. Action! Adventure! Nasty gods and sexy Norsemen. Join Thorgunna as she braves Love’s Second Sight. This may include the best read-aloud-to-each-other foreplay ever.

Dionysus, Greek god of wine and theater, is bored. Josie thinks her newest customer is the most irritating man she’s ever met, even though he’s become the star of her x-rated dreams. Forced on a rescue mission by Hades, will they survive long enough to face their growing passion. A journey through the underworld is no stroll through the park, but it just might turn out to be sweet hell.

There’s more going on at famed Helios Resort in Mexico than meets the eye and Patience O’Conner is going to figure out what, even if it kills her . . . which is exactly what Death has planned!

Atty’s job is getting her down. What she really needs is a vacation and some no-holds-barred fun. If that includes a few passionate nights with a sexy playboy, so be it! Fighting Fate is Book 3 of Emma Sinclair’s highly entertaining series, Fate.

Keeping her crush on the god of love secret may be harder now that he’s become the director of the museum where she works. Convincing her that he’s a myth become real will be harder than he thought. But convince her he must, before they’re both destroyed by an evil goddess bent on revenge.

When the Muse of Comedy suddenly finds herself on stage as a Las Vegas showgirl, there’s only one thing she can do … improvise. Thalia does more than steal the show with her unusual dance moves, she steals the heart of a disillusioned, poker-playing rancher in town for the annual tournament.

Of course she’ll forgive him. He’s worked out the perfect plan. No woman could resist. Unfortunately, Medusa isn’t just any woman and Poseidon really earned her wrath when he turned his back on her when she needed him most. But, the past is the past, and he’s figured out a way to earn her forgiveness. The plan will work ... as long as she doesn’t turn him to stone on sight!

From sexcapades at the local mall to stirring up new recipes for sexual satisfaction, join Norse Gods Loki, Odin, and Hel on their earthly adventures. Teaching Old Gods New Tricks is a trio of deliciously sexy tales from fantasy romance author Darragha Foster.

Ivy Jones’ ordered world is turned upside down when an ancient spell takes possession of her life. And when matters take a turn for the worse, it’s up to ex-Navy SEAL and private investigator Dane Knight to get to the bottom of the mystery. Colleen Love pens an exciting fantasy romance in Thief of a Goddess Heart.

As the Muse of Sacred Hymns and Eloquence, Polyhymnia is used to being called upon to inspire serious writers. But when she finds herself standing face-to-trunk with an elephant in a circus, she has to believe there’s been a mistake? Especially when the clown who saved her, turns out to be the man seeking help. Christy Gissendaner spins another magical tale of finding inspiration in love and happiness.

Fate … in the shape of Chloe Moirae … has found it’s way to Tanner Danner’s doorstep. His reclusive life is about to be turned upside down - Chloe has decided to make his inn her vacation retreat, and anything could happen! Emma Sinclair spins a fanciful tale in her hot fantasy romance Tempting Fate.

Gods and humans clash in book two of the Lords of Time series. Nyssa returns with a dream. Become the best nurse she can be. But powerful forces come in to play when Nyssa finds herself in a battle for the right to exist . . . again!

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