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Lori Foster
Reader & Author Get Together
June 5-8, 2014

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GLBT Romance Books
If you’re craving the exquisite heat of love stories about alternative lifestyles and blurred lines, our GLBT books have soul, and heart, and a bold stroke of passion.

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When alcohol and fierce tempers land two cowboys from the rodeo circuit under house arrest, it may be time to Let It Go. Can hidden secrets and a common enemy hold the key to happiness or . . . will they destroy them both?

When two men are thrown together under circumstances neither can control, an unexpected gift may be the key to happiness. All they need to do is defeat their demons, find a place with each other, and hold onto the second chance they've been given.

Passion and danger at every turn! Chased across the dark and forbidding moor, can the highwayman escape the trap before it costs him more than he can bear to lose.

There’s nothing like coming “out” in a small town. Fearful of causing more gossip and embarrassment for his teenage sons and ex-wife, Noah has been living a quiet life. Goaded by his elder son, Noah is finally ready to take the plunge into the dating world. But what he hadn’t counted on was his rising passion for a younger man.

It takes a lot to be expelled from Heaven, but Gabriel seems to have accomplished it with apparent ease. Doomed to walk among humans until he atones for his misdeeds, Gabe finds himself falling for a brilliant, young cardiothoracic surgeon. As things heat up, Gabe must face reality … his only way back to Heaven means the death of the one man who makes him whole!

Lorenzo just wants to rest quietly in his grave. Not easy when Lucifer keeps waking him up to offer him a job. After of century of being told no, Lucifer must come up with a plan to get Lorenzo willingly on his payroll. Enter hunky ghost-hunter, Tom. What won’t a ghost do to save the man he’s learned to love?

Long distance relationships are never easy, especially at Christmas time. But if Raylan and Chase can learn to trust each other and believe in the power of love, they’ll not only get their Christmas wish this year, but for all the Christmases to come!

The battle between Heaven and Hell rages on. And now Darius, the most naïve angel ever to fall from grace, is caught in the middle. Reduced to seeking advice from angel turned demon, Tribal, Darius’ only hope is to seduce the demon hunter searching for him. But just how is he supposed to accomplish this when he doesn’t know the first thing about sex and seduction?

The last thing Kit expected to find on the archeological expedition deep in the Guatemalan jungle is the man who’s been haunting his dreams. Who is this man that arouses feelings that he doesn’t understand? As an immortal Mayan god, Ah-Tabai is bound to the city he has sworn to protect. Who is this mysterious man that has invaded his home . . . and his heart?

The immortal descendants of gods and goddesses are disappearing and Smoky Striggs is determined to find out why. There’s a serial killer on the loose and Felix, a human psychic, is hot on the trail. Working together, Smoky and Felix may just find the answer to both cases. But as they come closer to the truth, the killer has other plans.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And for three friends, they are about to learn just how true this is. Come along and watch as Todd, Fallon, and Jake learn the lesson of a lifetime!

We all know plans oft go awry. Nolan Brook is about to find out how true this is. He has plans for the summer, which don’t include his rental car breaking down on the way to his new job. Stuck with nothing to do while his car is being fixed, Nolan decides to attend a local festival, where he finds more than he planned on!

The only plan wedding coordinator Eliott has in mind is to save his struggling business … but Eliott’s newest client has plans of his own! The pages sizzle with passion in Cat Kane’s intense, edgy tale of second chances and new love, Best Laid Plans.

Going home isn’t always easy. Aidan left with no explanation thirteen years ago. That’s something Ethan hasn’t forgotten, and won’t easily forgive. Aidan has his work cut out for him, but everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t they?

Diamond and Shade – both vampire hunters, both tracking the same villain, both looking for a way to defeat the evil that threatens New York. Thrown together out of necessity, neither expected the passion that flares between them. D.J. Manly weaves a suspenseful tale in her edgy romance novel, Diamond In the Shade.

Good relationships, bad relationships. Old relationships, new relationships. K.Z. Snow has penned a contemporary tale of choices made and paths taken. This is a story about life and love, and the happiness to be found in both.

One man wants to protect the Path community. One man wants to control it. One man becomes a pawn in their epic struggle. Cat Kane pens an intense, edgy tale of the choice between love and hate.

An injured werewolf. An antisocial demon. A human with far too many secrets. Sheltered from the outside world, unexpected passion ignites between them. As danger stalks ever closer to their sanctuary, their tenuous bond may not be strong enough to overcome the threat. Cat Kane pens an intriguing tale of treachery and deceit in her paranormal romance, Human Nature.

Cynic Greyson Cole and once-burned Sirus Wilder have had enough! No more broken relationships. No more love. So, spending two weeks in the same cabin should be a snap. Sure it will! Passion ignites the pages of Cameron Dane’s intensely edgy romance, Grey’s Awakening.

Life can break your heart … as both Ryan and Teo have learned. But living can mend it … as they’re about to find out. Fortune’s Return is Jamie Craig’s heart-warming tale about coming to terms with the pain of the past and learning to hope for the future.

Diamond and Shade are back, and on the trail of a rogue vampire. When they discover a link to Shade’s past, they’ll have to find a way to defeat this enemy without destroying their relationship. D.J. Manly weaves another exciting adventure in her passionate paranormal romance, Diamond In the Shade 2.

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