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Forever Caspia

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Forever Caspia Storefront > Fantasy > Mermaids, Selkies, Sea Creatures

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Author Michelle Hoppe
Genre Fantasy, Mermaid, Contemporary
Heat Level 2
Words 25,000
Content Notes Spicy
Publication Date 12/10/2012


Subterfuge and malevolence lurk under the waves of the Caspian Sea, where a curse dethrones a king and expels the royal family. Crown Prince Tiro resents his role of kidnapper even if it breaks the curse and returns his family to royalty. Will he recognize the beauty of their world and of Callista, the woman he's destined to love, or will he turn his back on Caspia forever?

Price: $3.99

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Cursed by a traitor to live out their lives on land, the royal family of Caspia has one chance to return to the ocean as Merpeople. Their fate is in the hands of Crown Prince Tiro, who resents his role in returning his family to their home and his father to his rightful place on the throne of the Mer city of Caspia.

Resentment builds when Tiro gives up the human life he’s built to become part of a world he barely remembers. Can he let go of his anger long enough to see the beauty of the undersea world and the Merwoman he is destined to love? Or will Tiro turn his back on Caspia … forever?

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