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Eve Langlais Romance Books
Eve Langlais, who is in her mid thirties, has been married 11 years to a wonderful man who gave her three beautiful, but distracting children aged ten, seven and four. A military brat, she was born in British Columbia but ended up living all across Canada. She now resides with her family, that also includes two cats and a guinea pig, in the historic town of Bowmanville, Ontario. If you want to get to know her better visit her website at http://www.Evelanglais.com or friend her on FaceBook.

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The Blood Countess’ word is law, you’ll do it her way or die. Vampires, humans, and a world on the verge of war. Everyone will do their part. You’ll either fight in the battles to come, or you’ll be dinner for the troops. The choice is yours.

My life has become a reality TV show! I just wanted someone to help me in my never-ending battle to capture evil souls and send them back to Hell. What I got was cameras following my every move and oh-so-hot dragon shifter Drake. I don’t have time for love, love is a stupid, time-wasting, human emotion. But Drake is determined to prove me wrong. Lights, camera, action!

All families have their problems. Her father is Lucifer, Lord of Hell. She tried to kill her mother the first time they met, but she has a good reason. She’s living with two wonderful, sexy, attentive men, and she may be pregnant by one, or both. Throw a mysterious, handsome vampire and a quest for revenge into the mix and watch the sparks fly!

You see him across a crowded room and your heart skips a beat. Just because you’re Lucifer’s daughter doesn’t mean you can’t lust after the hot specimen that’s just walked into your bar. But can he be trusted? Is he on your side, or has he joined the rebellion in Hell and the team of demon assassins that are trying to kill you?

Who knew saying “When Hell freezes over!” was actually giving voice to a binding contract? Now that Hell has actually frozen, the world above has been thrown into turmoil. It’s up to Muriel, daughter of Satan and demon hunter extraordinaire, to set things right. With the help of her two lovers, she’ll have to avoid assassins, battle demons, and conquer her own fears in order to break the curse.

Demons, vampires, angels, giants, and even a genie – everyone wants a piece of the hybrid misfit! A government experiment took her humanity, but not her right to live. Come and get her if you dare. With the help of her two lovers, she’ll change the world.

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