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Darragha Foster Romance Books

Darragha Foster enjoys the twisted and macabre.  Unicorns and bunnies?  Probably not.  Unless they can shape-shift.  Darragha writes spicy romances and has been married to a wonderfully patient man for over twenty years who allows Darr’s miniature dachshund to sleep in between them every night. 

Her favorite quote is from the writings of Nichiren Daishonin:  many raging fires are quenched by a single shower of rain.  Darragha is all about joy and hopes she shares a bit of same with her readers at every turn of the electronic page.

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Judah El-Bara wants to do what’s right for family and faith. But, this means being the sacrificial bridegroom to the Harvest Goddess, and Judah can never love a woman. The passion in Judah’s heart burns only for one man. What will happen if Judah follows his heart? Will the Harvest Goddess take her revenge, or will love be the path that changes tradition? Author Darragha Foster spins a magical tale in Harvest of Change, a welcome addition to your romance library.

Vampires, ghosts, and pirate curses … Mooncusser Cove has it all! Hiding in the shadows, Vesper Highgate-Adaire has kept her family curse secret for over a hundred years. When that secret is threatened, Vesper will do what it takes to see it never meets the light of day. Darragha Foster’s sweeping saga will take you on an adventure like no other.

Alive with all the passion of the Viking Age, this tale is a seductive clash between tradition, duty, honor, blossoming faith, and enduring love. Action! Adventure! Nasty gods and sexy Norsemen. Join Thorgunna as she braves Love’s Second Sight. This may include the best read-aloud-to-each-other foreplay ever.

Living with a curse isn’t easy. But finding a way to end the curse can be downright deadly! Darragha Foster spins a fantastical tale of mythical creatures in her hot, paranormal romance Cold, Hard Kash, A Shadow Lover Tale.

From sexcapades at the local mall to stirring up new recipes for sexual satisfaction, join Norse Gods Loki, Odin, and Hel on their earthly adventures. Teaching Old Gods New Tricks is a trio of deliciously sexy tales from fantasy romance author Darragha Foster.

Bound through time by a mystical thread, Marian Wines is about to enter the magical world of The Orca King. You’ll be caught in the web as Darragha Foster weaves her enchanting tale of finding true love.

It's time to pay the price for a lifetime of bad choices. The Orca King will face his greatest challenge as he seeks to lift the shadow that threatens his life. Join Big Tom on his newest quest in The Orca King II by Darragha Foster.

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