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D.J. Manly Romance Books
D.J. Manly is first and foremost a writer, but is also a college professor, a small business operator and a sociologist who works as a consultant on research projects. D.J. is a proud Canadian who lives in French Canada, and speaks both English and French. Human rights are a great concern, and D.J. longs for a peaceful world free of sexism, racism, and homophobia. D.J. writes for the pure love of writing, and always with the reader in mind. If D.J. doesn't enjoy reading it, it won't be written. Great characters, great sex and a great love are the elements you’ll find in D.J’s work. There is nothing quite as exciting as beautiful men falling in love. Come taste D.J’s work, but be careful, you may become as addicted to reading it, as D.J. is to writing it. One reviewer said of Manly’s work that reading it can give you “…third degree burns in an air conditioned room…” I think that says it all.

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Amanda is a dedicated voyeur, and Chase and Cassidy are the two young men who have caught her eye this time around. D.J. Manly presents Chase and Cassidy, Book 2 of her sensual contemporary romance series, Amusing Amanda.

Amanda has found two new men at The Agency and is just getting used to having them in her home when Chase, Jordon, and Scott all show up on her doorstep. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks in The Agency, Book 4 of D.J. Manly’s erotic romance series, Amusing Amanda.

Jordan doesn’t approve of Amanda’s lifestyle. Chase finds Jordan egotistical and arrogant. Watch the sparks fly as these three find themselves living together in Amanda’s home. Suffering Jordan is Book 3 of D.J. Manly’s sexy series Amusing Amanda, and will be a welcome addition to your romance library.

Amanda likes getting what she wants. And what she wants is to keep her home filled with beautiful young men. But this time, Amanda is not prepared for the changes taking place in her life. Metamorphosis is the newest addition to D.J. Manly’s passionate, sexy romance series, Amusing Amanda.

Scott has only one job … keep Amanda amused. But after years of keeping her entertained, Amanda is becoming bored. Enter Ciel, a writer Amanda meets in Paris … and decides to bring home with her. Now the only question is … will Scott be just as interested in Ciel as Amanda? Amusing Amanda is the new contemporary romance from author D.J. Manly.

Diamond and Shade are back, and on the trail of a rogue vampire. When they discover a link to Shade’s past, they’ll have to find a way to defeat this enemy without destroying their relationship. D.J. Manly weaves another exciting adventure in her passionate paranormal romance, Diamond In the Shade 2.

A stranger in a strange bed, love at first sight, and a mistake that leads to unexpected passion. You’ll love these three hot and sexy romantic comedies presented by D.J. Manly in her trilogy, Love Most Inconvenient.

You’ve waited long enough! D.J. Manly delivers three more great stories of inconvenient love. Join Brody, Noah, and Yan as they discover love comes calling when you least expect it … or want it!

Diamond and Shade – both vampire hunters, both tracking the same villain, both looking for a way to defeat the evil that threatens New York. Thrown together out of necessity, neither expected the passion that flares between them. D.J. Manly weaves a suspenseful tale in her edgy romance novel, Diamond In the Shade.

D.J. Manly is back with three more passionately funny romantic comedies in Love Most Inconvenient 2. Join Vincent, Steven, and Alex as they learn that you can’t control when you fall in love … or who you fall in love with.

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