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Author Lucy Woodhull
Series Ragnar and Juliet
Book # 2
Genre Fantasy, Suspense, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Aliens, Action, Adventure
Heat Level 3
Words 41,000
Content Notes Hot
Publication Date 8/27/2012

The madcap adventures of bounty-hunting diva, Juliet Lawrence continue with book 2 of Ragnar and Juliet! Outlandish plans for battle, an alien boyfriend whose wacky family needs a keeper, and all the ‘assets’ of a true space diva wrapped up with sparkly doodads, make this space romp that will keep you reading. Comedy, adventure, and suspense will keep you turning pages until the exciting conclusion of Concubine Boogaloo!

Price: $3.99

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Sometimes the biggest risk a lady can take is not battling an evil planetary emperor with questionable taste in muttonchops, but in baring her heart to the alien she loves.  And his tail.

If you're a bounty-hunting diva with a stellar rack, what do you do when an evil despot is hell-bent on your destruction?

Stage a coup of his planet, of course.

Juliet Lawrence's plans for defeating King Bob the Nefarious are going better than her relationship with hunky alien ship captain Ragnar Manscape.  Oh, the sex is great.  His pecs and their laughs are top notch.  The meeting with his parents goes... somewhat worse.  It's always a bad sign when your boyfriend's folks choose the family spider over you.

The secret Juliet's been keeping from Ragnar doesn't help -- uncomfortable conversations about "feelings" are not her forte. Fortunately, Juliet has lots of time to plot the downfall of King Bob’s intergalactic concubine slave trade once Ragnar unceremoniously dumps her.

Can Juliet defeat King Assface with the help of her computer genius ex-boyfriend Erit, their flying toilet, and her brand new nun habit? Will Ragnar leave Juliet to the space wolves or go along with her crazy plan to topple a government using hairpins with sparkly do-dads on the end?

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