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Coming August 31, 2015

A darkly handsome highwayman and a damsel in distress … who can resist? Catherine Amberly tries everything in her power to extricate herself from her dilemma, but everything she does seems to throw her in the path of the highwayman, Morgan MacCormack. Colleen MacTuilagh brings 18th century Scotland to life in her exciting historical romance, One True Love.

Coming August 31, 2015

Married by mistake! Seren Miller was supposed to be writing an article on destination weddings…instead, she finds herself accidentally married to a reclusive billionaire. A simple mistake, but as fate would have it, one not easily fixed. Author Stephanie Bedwell-Grime is pleased to present her new contemporary romance, A Scandal In Paradise. Is an accidental marriage the biggest mistake of their lives, or the beginning of everlasting love?

Coming September 7, 2015

In a world where dragons are killed on sight and their summoners executed, Kohaku finds love in the arms of Sawyer, the hunter who saved his life. Together, the two search for a missing dragon and dare to fight the evil that threatens them all. Azalea Moone breathes life into a world filled with magic in her new fantasy romance novel, Malrith’s Shield.

Coming September 7, 2015

Re-Release: (Every Beat, Annie Walker, 1-1-15)

Hannah Sandoval wakes up from a coma with more than a murdered CIA agent’s heart. Vivid dreams of Lena’s former lover haunt her. But is she prepared to meet the flesh and blood man of her dreams? Covert Affairs is a perfect blend of romance and suspense, and a great beginning to MJ Eason’s new romance series, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Coming September 14, 2015

An ex-special forces general and the Plain Jane owner of the local bakery are just trying to survive in a world rocked by an apocalypse. But when her abusive ex comes to town, along with the thugs who are hunting him, Alexander Graham finds he’s willing to do anything to protect the woman he’s come to love. You’ll fall in love with this unlikely couple in Nightfall, Book 4 of Denise A. Agnew’s action-packed romance series, The Wasteland Trilogy.

Coming September 14, 2015

Dinner with a sexy stranger gives Lanie an opportunity to work out her sexual frustration. Kristi Hancock takes passion to new heights in Dessert for Two, Book 1 of her contemporary romance series, Sweet Tooth. One night with a stranger never tasted so good!

Coming September 21, 2015

Detective Zachary Jones avoids relationships, Dr. Megan Murphy is too busy for relationships. He’s scarred by his past, she’s consumed by her medical career. When events at the hospital bring them together, the chemistry between them can’t be ignored. Only Trust Your Heart by Tess Delacour is Book 3 of her contemporary romance series, The Murphys. Sometimes you have to think with your heart.

Coming September 28, 2015

Brothers Cas and Cat always get what they want, when they want … except Octavia. She is beyond their reach. But when an ancient evil seeks to destroy them, only Octavia can help. Can desperation lead to something that will last forever? Angelique Voisen presents Claiming Octavia, Book 2 of her paranormal romance series, Immortal Mates.

Coming September 28, 2015

Madison Falls is heating up this summer … and things are about to get hotter when Keith Sutton makes it his mission to make Sabrina O’Malley his. Too bad Sabrina can’t stand the sight of Keith! Welcome back to Madison Falls, where love is in the air and gossip is ripe on the vine. Made for Me, Book 3 of Susan Behon’s contemporary romance series, will be a great addition to your romance library.

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