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Camryn Rhys Romance Books
Camryn Rhys grew up on the border of Canada and the US, and still hasn’t decided which country to call home. She splits her time between the Alberta and Montana Rocky Mountains, with friends and family in both beautiful locations. After running her own restaurant for several years and acquiring advanced degrees in writing, foodie romance seemed the only logical option. When she’s not watching the Food Network, she’s reading a romance novel, or if absolutely necessary, working as a consultant. Someone has to put really excellent food on the table

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In the middle of a celibacy challenge that could make or break his career, the last thing Drew Wingate needs is an oh-so-willing woman to enter his life. The real challenge will be to keep her interested long enough for him to win both the challenge and his heart’s desire. Passion fills the pages of Camryn Rhys’ witty, charming romance, Every Time I Think of You.

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