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Belladonna Bordeaux Romance Books
In Belladonna’s formative years, her mother told her, “an imagination is a terrible thing to waste.” That’s what happens when your mother is also an author. In adulthood, life took her in a different direction. She became a professional portrait photographer. Her mother never gave up on her imaginative daughter and finally convinced her to try to write a story. Drawing inspiration from the candid moments that occur in her daytime job, she believes every human being has a story to tell. She writes paranormal, multi-cultural contemporary romance with emphasis on real life cultural divides; historical, fanta-historical and science fiction. When not working on her next story she’s out with friends or kills time with her family, but her camera is never far from her side and the next story never far from her thoughts. Web site: www.belladonnabordeaux.com Facebook: Belladonna Bordeaux Blog: http://bellabeenbad.blogspot.com/

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You think you know the tale of Beauty and the Beast? Think again! Belladonna Bordeaux gives one of your favorite fairy tales a unique twist in her hot, hot, hot retelling of this classic story. Vampires, werewolves, and magic. Curses, suspense, and passion. You’ll find everything you could wish for, and more, in Accursed, Book 4 of the super-sexy series, The Hellfire Club.

Watch what happens when two worlds collide. She’s fae and he’s a werewolf. Now they need to find a way past this minor detail before the mating can begin!

She’s half paranormal, about to enter her first mating season, and has been betrothed to dashing Dante MacGreggor since she was born. This is all news to Julia Westchester. Enjoying her life as the toast of Parisian society, Julia is unprepared for the life she was born too. Now it’s up to Dante to introduce her to the world of the paranormals, and their mating rituals!

For the first time in years, the leaders of the paranormal world and humanity are meeting to negotiate a final truce. This may be difficult with The League for the Preservation of Humanity’s attitude of kill first and run like hell! In a world forged by hatred, only love can find the way to a lasting peace.

For a properly brought up maiden in 1750’s England, Lady Danielle Hampton has the most unseemly thoughts! Now her daydream fantasies are about to become reality as she catches the eye of Prince Gabriel LeFay, a high-ranking member of the legendary Hellfire Club. But what starts as a lesson in submission soon turns to thoughts of love in Belladonna Bordeaux’s intensely edgy erotic romance, Primal Appetite.

Lucius Domintius Stanton has always followed Satan’s orders, collecting the souls of those destined for Hell. That is until he meets Jocelyn Thatcher. Now he has a choice to make, turn her over or keep her for his own. But keeping her may cost Jocelyn her life, and he his job. Now Lucius has to find a way to save them both!

Getting involved with a sexually immature race such as the Tarains was the last thing on her mind when Captain Avawain Morro was sent to rescue the crew of the space station, Earth Dome. But one look at the sexy, and obviously horny, station commander was enough to make her forget her sworn pledge and send her mating hormones into overdrive. This Earthling was about to rock her world!

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