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Angels, Demons Romance Books

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Magic, danger, and intrigue abound in Ann Gimpel’s newest romance novel Magic’s Daughter. Dark forces are at work to destroy Cassie’s world, her death the ultimate goal. Drawn to a man from her past, the battle becomes more than a fight for survival, it becomes a fight for a love she never could have anticipated.

What's a girl to do when wild visions make her an outcast? Party, of course! Or maybe, with the help of a scarred stranger, she can find her place in a world full of demons, nightmares, and magic. Then again, maybe not!

It takes a lot to be expelled from Heaven, but Gabriel seems to have accomplished it with apparent ease. Doomed to walk among humans until he atones for his misdeeds, Gabe finds himself falling for a brilliant, young cardiothoracic surgeon. As things heat up, Gabe must face reality … his only way back to Heaven means the death of the one man who makes him whole!

Who knew saying “When Hell freezes over!” was actually giving voice to a binding contract? Now that Hell has actually frozen, the world above has been thrown into turmoil. It’s up to Muriel, daughter of Satan and demon hunter extraordinaire, to set things right. With the help of her two lovers, she’ll have to avoid assassins, battle demons, and conquer her own fears in order to break the curse.

A second chance is just what reluctant angel Killian has wanted for ten years. All she has to do is survive long enough to enjoy it! With only eight days to earn her new life, Killian is sent to an uncharted island where she has to avoid a tribe of headhunters, convince a world-weary soldier of fortune that life is worth living, and find and defeat the Destroyer!

A warrior angel doomed to walk the earth. An ancient evil with a dreadful plan. The talented young artist caught between the two. The very fate of the world hangs in the balance. Danielle D. Smith weaves a passionate and suspenseful tale in Psyche’s Gate. You won’t be able to put this one down!

Running from assassins, the last thing Grant needs is another complication in his life. But he hadn’t counted on Amelia. She’s lost her family and her wealth and is having a difficult time dealing with the new realities of her life. Grant wants to help and protect her, but his growing desire for her body and her blood has him wondering who will protect her from him?

You see him across a crowded room and your heart skips a beat. Just because you’re Lucifer’s daughter doesn’t mean you can’t lust after the hot specimen that’s just walked into your bar. But can he be trusted? Is he on your side, or has he joined the rebellion in Hell and the team of demon assassins that are trying to kill you?

All families have their problems. Her father is Lucifer, Lord of Hell. She tried to kill her mother the first time they met, but she has a good reason. She’s living with two wonderful, sexy, attentive men, and she may be pregnant by one, or both. Throw a mysterious, handsome vampire and a quest for revenge into the mix and watch the sparks fly!

Lucius Domintius Stanton has always followed Satan’s orders, collecting the souls of those destined for Hell. That is until he meets Jocelyn Thatcher. Now he has a choice to make, turn her over or keep her for his own. But keeping her may cost Jocelyn her life, and he his job. Now Lucius has to find a way to save them both!

For centuries, Kelsey has been a loyal member of The Alliance, the elite police force of vampires and demons tasked with keeping order in the world of the immortals. Now on the run for her life, accused of crimes she doesn’t remember committing, Kelsey must clear her name while she eludes Domiel, the demon sent to bring her back. But what she finds in his dreams may just have her running into his arms and into even greater danger.

Lorenzo just wants to rest quietly in his grave. Not easy when Lucifer keeps waking him up to offer him a job. After of century of being told no, Lucifer must come up with a plan to get Lorenzo willingly on his payroll. Enter hunky ghost-hunter, Tom. What won’t a ghost do to save the man he’s learned to love?

Warring demon factions bring their battle to the human realm … and Commander Davana Black and Quinn McVey find themselves caught in the crossfire. Feeling the mating call grow between them only complicates matters. Cold Blooded is a hot paranormal tale from author Dee Carney and will be a welcome addition to your romance library.

A mother will do anything to protect her son, even return to her demon lover in a place she fears. Immortal beings used as pawns in an elaborate game that crosses millennia, will Sadrina and Pahele be allowed to follow where their passion leads, or will they once again be torn apart by the whims of Fate?

For millennia, angel and demon have fought a never ending war. Seeking revenge for the death of her sister’s soul, Lyna seeks to destroy Sadaen. Weary of the fight, Sadaen seeks justice for his misdeeds. The bargain they strike will either destroy them both or fan their burning hatred into the flames of passion.

Saul knew taking on the job of protecting Rebecca Drake would be dangerous. But he hadn’t counted on it being dangerous to his peace-of-mind! Saul can’t remember the last time anyone has stirred his passions. Join Saul in a race against time to save the woman he’s come to love.

The battle between Heaven and Hell rages on. And now Darius, the most naïve angel ever to fall from grace, is caught in the middle. Reduced to seeking advice from angel turned demon, Tribal, Darius’ only hope is to seduce the demon hunter searching for him. But just how is he supposed to accomplish this when he doesn’t know the first thing about sex and seduction?

Living with a curse isn’t easy. But finding a way to end the curse can be downright deadly! Darragha Foster spins a fantastical tale of mythical creatures in her hot, paranormal romance Cold, Hard Kash, A Shadow Lover Tale.

It sometimes takes help from an improbable source to get you back on the right path … as Melina and Brady are about to find out! Tickle your funny bone with Dakota Cassidy’s romantic comedy, Sex With Your Ex.

Demons, vampires, angels, giants, and even a genie – everyone wants a piece of the hybrid misfit! A government experiment took her humanity, but not her right to live. Come and get her if you dare. With the help of her two lovers, she’ll change the world.

Christine is having a bad day. She’s just learned she belongs to a family of vampires … hunted vampires. When she finds herself falling in love with the vampire mercenary sent to hunt down and kill her family, things go from bad to worse. Heaven Sent is Dawn McClure’s hot paranormal romance of secrets, betrayal, and eternal love.

Always on the prowl, identical triplet demons take what they want. That is until they meet Savannah, a woman determined to show them what’s what! Hortense Powdermaker presents her witty and intensely edgy romance, Death and the Demon.

It's time to pay the price for a lifetime of bad choices. The Orca King will face his greatest challenge as he seeks to lift the shadow that threatens his life. Join Big Tom on his newest quest in The Orca King II by Darragha Foster.

An injured werewolf. An antisocial demon. A human with far too many secrets. Sheltered from the outside world, unexpected passion ignites between them. As danger stalks ever closer to their sanctuary, their tenuous bond may not be strong enough to overcome the threat. Cat Kane pens an intriguing tale of treachery and deceit in her paranormal romance, Human Nature.

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